Thursday, July 15, 2010

The FOUR Obseravations

From this picture,you can see this elderly man planting the plants maybe watering.This could be one of the leisure activities of the elderly.What do you normally see your neighbors doing?Watering the plants right or maybe just checking the health of the plant as it see it grow and develop.

Elderly are the same as the plants they need people to help them.

What can you see this elderly man doing?


But is he with anyone else(like with family and friends)?

NO.He might be going shopping or somewhere els.But he is going alone.Why didn't he go out with anyone.From my most observations and pictures.Elderly hardly hangout with friends.They are always alone and you hardly see them with someone else.

Why don't they hang out with friends?

This problem goes the same with my grandmother.I hardly hear her using the phone taking with her friends or inviting them to our house.Is it really so inconvient or was it other

What about this man?
Is he out with friends?No.He is cycling himself.

The two pictures above are perfect examples

This elderly is taking a lot of bags(probably groceries).I guess she is trying to buy some groceries and provide her family with the best food and nutrients so that they can go to work energetically. Maybe that's what she love to do,providing meals for her family as they eat it happily as a family

This photo was taken in the morning,where an elderly is playing with her grand-daughter.They love to spend time playing or spending their time with their family.They are scared of loneliness and only happy when people are out there spending their time with the elderly.This is what i observe from my grandmother as well.I often see her cry when she was alone in a room.

She would always call out for her lost sister in her dreams.Maybe kinship is most importarnt to them.

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